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In fact, since 1847 it has followed precise dictates, for a recipe that does not need to be updated or changed over time, because it is perfect as it is. The master pastry chef takes about 40 hours to create an excellent panettone, starting from an initial phase of assembling the ingredients, which are processed for an hour before being left to rest.

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The Art of Pastry

Strengthened by its one hundred and seventy years of activity, it declines its production in the best that Italian pastry can offer, preparing it according to tradition. Biffi has always been in the same location since 1847 and is a symbol of what can be defined as an art, pastry-making, which belongs specifically to the heritage of the Milanese tradition.


The breakfast

Breakfast is an ancient, classic, historical and traditional art. In Milan, briochina and coffee must be artisanal, homemade and that's why it doesn't go into a bar, but into a pastry shop, possibly historic. Kipfel and Espressino Biffi: a sweet puff pastry with raspberry jam, to be paired with hot coffee with cold milk cream and dark chocolate drops.

The Aperitif

Reviving the style of aperitifs of yesteryear, which spread throughout Milan throughout the 1900s, whetting the appetite without replacing dinner. Small tastings that combine olives, chips and pretzels with delicious gourmet alternatives such as canapés, sandwiches and vol-au-vents, to be enjoyed in combination with a good Martini cocktail, as tradition dictates.



The Biffi pastry shop is a sign that speaks of tradition, since 1847 a meeting point for those looking for old-fashioned Milanese suggestions over a rich breakfast, a business lunch or a tantalizing aperitif._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

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