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The history of Biffi Panettone since 1847



Non si conosce esattamente fa data di nascita      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   of Panettone. It is narrated. black, of a certain 'Uqotto
Madly in love with Raffia de! baker. who stand still to fight the fierce one
competition from Milanese bakers by inventing panettone. In a  dough. a novelty
absolute become you "the vane of the poor" regularly commissioned  per
feed the many underprivileged in the city.

Centuries gift. in 1847. Biffi expert baker sets up his pastry shop in (Corso 'Magenta. 'A
strategic position. eyes nassi from! Cenacolo 'Vinciano located in the Refectory of Santa 'Maria delle
Thank you. Among the many anecdotes that accompany the history of this glorious entrepreneurial reality is

that of the interest shown by Pana Pius X who wanted to taste the now well-known Milanese dessert.

J{ Pana asked to procure it and was lavishly satisfied. a panettone of the size and
personally decorated by one of the descendants of Casa Biffi. Then it was covered with a
tricolor icing and various decorations that expressly recall the values of freedom.

Furthermore, it turns out that in 1866 the cookbook is published. kept secretly. E  si
distributes to customers as a Christmas gift. So many recipes that multiply over time
enriching itself with new ingredients and products ranging from confectionery (another pride of the Biffi family that of being the official supplier   of His Majesty the King  to biscuits, from savory pies to
pastries and ago: the ancient Colomba Pasquale. We have arrived at the present day and the ancient laboratory
now a pastry shop, it is still there in Corso 'Magenta. There we continue to work creating delicacies to guarantee our  perpetuarsi ai a tradition. from humble beginnings. at the service of lovers of! genuine and healthy taste
witnesses of the cultural history of 'Milan. :In the third millennium everything has changed modernity there
it overwhelms but if you go along Corso 'Magenta starting from Piazza della Borsa and stopping where there is  Leonardo da 'Vinci's Last Supper you quickly reach that Bakery opened in 184 7. which has become
you the  biffi pastry shop. A laboratory where art and creativity are renewed and exalted in the
respect for the gastronomic and cultural history of Bottega Biffi in Milan.

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